Friends for Payne was established as a volunteer non-profit group to support Payne Theological Seminary’s commitment to the A.M.E. Church, the acquisition of a ministerial education for those interested in pasturing, counseling, teaching, the chaplaincy and lay Christian awareness. By perpetuating the Seminary’s legacy, established by pioneer educator Daniel A. Payne, we facilitate and encourage sound preparation as we serve and hope to engender service in others. Friends for Payne is a cross section of people from the Wilberforce, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Springfield and Dayton, Ohio communities whose services advance the School and assist in keeping it viable.


*Beautification of sundry shrubbery around the Seminary

*Monetary gift in support of the Payne Library

*Provided funds to the Payne handicap ramp

*Maintained a food pantry for students for several years

*Developed the Walkway of Faith

*Installed carpet and furnishings to the lower level of the Seminary

*Decorated and provided some furnishings for a Seminary apartment

*Provided support in the re-accreditation of the Seminary

*Assisted in filing and storing of library books

*Monetary gift for Mitchell Hall window restoration

*Funded the Payne Historical Marker


Friends for Payne Luncheon

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Doors open at 11:00 a.m.
Lunch served at Noon

Presidential Banquet Center
4548 Presidential Way
Kettering, Ohio


Tickets can be purchased no later than April 8, 2016, by contacting:
Benette DeCoux (937) 836-4455
Phyllis Jackson (937) 767-7651

Patrons ($5.00 each) List Deadline April 1, 2016, contact:
Warkonneta Tucker, 6752 Hemple Rd, Moraine, OH 45439
Connie Miller, POB 502, Wilberforce, OH 45384
Hattie Lawson, 238 Third Street, Springfield, OH 45503
Betty Coles, 514 Woodhaven Trail, Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Please make all checks payable to Friends for Payne


President-Anginette Coleman
Vice President-Nan Harshaw
Recording Sec.-Frances Smith
Corresponding Sec.-Grace Clark
Treasurer-Urcelle Willis
Financial Sec.-Betty Coles

Founder-Mrs. Nancy Stokes


Mrs. Dolores Alston
Mrs. Lelia Austin
Ms. Marsha Bayliss
Benette DeCoux
Mrs. Grace Tinsley Clark
Mrs. Anginette Coleman
Mrs. Leanora Brown
Ms. Althea Smoot, Liaison
Mrs. Donna Hill
Mrs. Phyllis Jackson
Mrs. Phyllis Johnson
Mrs. Hattie Lawson

Mrs. Lillie Massie
Mrs. Connie Miller
Mrs. Wanda Mills
Mrs. Alberta Minor
Ms. Barbara Pressley
Mrs. Janice Rucker
Ms. Deborah E. Stokes
Ms. WarKoneta Tucker
Mrs. Dorothy C. Vivians
Mrs. Evelyn Walker
Mrs. Esther Williams

Contact Information

For more information, contact Friends for Payne via email a2310112815@aol.com.